OneResilience Conference (Manchester 7th September 2016)

We co-hosted the OneResilience Conference on Wednesday 7 September, at the Hilton Deansgate, in Manchester. It was a joint event between us and ResilienceDirect™. The resilience community have been facing many extreme challenging events and have responded to major incidents, such as the Winter Flooding of 2015–16. Once again, it has highlighted that they are […]

RMetS/NCAS High Impact Weather Conference (Manchester 6th – 8th July 2016)

Members of our Hazard Impact Model group organised a workshop on hazard impact modelling at the conference. The aims were to introduce the concept of hazard impacts to the participants, inform them about the progress the Hazard Impact Modelling group has been making, and get their input and feedback. The workshop consisted of an activity to […]